Dr Astrid Wood
Assistant Professor in Geography
School of Geography, Politics and Sociology
Newcastle University 
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU

For more information: Email Dr Astrid Wood - astrid.wood(at)newcastle.ac.uk

Key publications: 

2016. Tracing policy movements: methods for studying learning and policy circulation. Environment and Planning A 48(2): 391-406.

2015. Multiple temporalities of policy circulation: Gradual, repetitive and delayed processes of BRT adoption in South African cities. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 39(3): 568–580.

2015. The politics of policy circulation: unpacking the relationship between South American and South African cities in the adoption of bus rapid transit. Antipode 47(4): 1062-1079.

2015. Uncertainty and Urban Life. In collaboration with Zeiderman, Kaker and Silverman. Public Culture 27(2): 281-304.

2015. Competing for knowledge: leaders and laggards of BRT in South Africa. Urban Forum 26(2): 203-221.

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